Freedom Bowl 2021

I got up early this morning and drove up to the Evergreen Lanes bowling alley in Everett, to play Blood Bowl. This was my first full tournament since some time in early 2020, I think, and the special thing about this tournament was almost everyone was taking human teams.

I had my first match against dwarfs (there was one non-human team participating) and won 2-0, after expecting a crushing defeat. My luck didn’t hold and in the second match my team was devestated; I was ready to concede after the first half, I was doing so badly, but somehow I pulled back to equalise 1-1 – and then get steamrolled into a 2-1 loss. The final match I was just playing like a madman, going for casualties and not winning, and that was a 3-0 drubbing. Still, there’s always the next match and it was nice to get out and play.

Tomorrow, a big day with the kids and driving my wife around. I’ll have to write more about the matches and what I learned later…

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