Friday afternoon nap

Today, without much sleep, we headed out for another hike, over near Deception Falls. It took us about two hours to walk four miles, around Whistle Lake, a pretty little bit of water near Anacortes. After that, we headed into town for lunch.
We had a delicious meal at a Frieda Kahlo inspired Mexican restaurant, and I also got crapped on by a bird. I hope these two things aren’t correlated somehow. Then, after a quick trundle through the bookshops of Anacortes, we headed back. Both girls, surprisingly exhausted by what we thought of as a gentle hike, fell asleep as we drove home, which meant they were doubly manic after this impromptu nap.

This didn’t affect us, as we had a babysitter. We had other plans to execute, going to sit under a tree in Volunteer Park for four hours and drink cider with friends of ours – a most civilised end to my week off. Tomorrow I think I might get one last hike in with the girls, and then return the car to the rental office. It’s been nice to have four wheels, if only for a while…

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