Friday friyay

Today we got out microwave back, as well as working outlets throughout the ground and upper floor of the house – this was one of the more complicated parts of the wiring process so I feel much more relaxed now. The mystery of the lights in the toy room (which would dim and turn on and off on their own) was solved when we found it was because there was a mix of incandescent and LED bulbs in the fixture – so again, great improvement.
To celebrate, I went climbing tonight with one of my friends, and clearly overdid it, as my legs are in utter agony after putting them through a workout. My hands were pretty bad too, but hopefully I recover. The kids made me read two chapters of The Hobbit, which, as it ended with Bilbo being pursued by goblins in a hole, felt strangely appropriate. And so to bed, with frisbee in the morning….

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