Friday is banjo day

I’m taking Fridays off this month to give my wife some respite from dealing with the girls,so while she went for a very long walk, the girls and I made Mother’s Day decorations, did a little bit of schoolwork, and then I took them for a long bike ride on the pretext that they’d get a doughnut.

(The doughnut shop is about a mile away from us, so I have to concoct routes of five or six miles and hope they don’t catch on too quick.)

We spent some time lookong out at the sea, and got back just in time for my banjo lesson. The three lessons I’ve taken have been worth it as I can now string out the beginnings of a tune. While in theory I could learn just by watching YouTube videos, having a person to report progress to each week instils a bit more discipline, and he also transcribed Old Town Road for me so I can wow the kids.

In the afternoon, I took the girls out to buy ice cream. Again, the cargo bike is a tremendous invention, allowing me to run errands like this and move the children around with the minimum of fuss. For mad reasons I am contemplating buying a car, but the bike has been sufficient for so much so far.

My wife spent the rest of the day regretting her walk, as it turns out a three hour walk after some time stuck at home is a bit of a trial, her body rebelling against her and making her limp. She had a bath while I tried to put the kids to bed. Two hours and Road Dahl(s Magic Finger later, I could get downstairs and watch dreadful movies. Life is good once more.

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