Friday is the end of the weak

I woke up incredibly sore today – it turns out swimming does tire your shoulders out, and so I was flummoxed most of the day. Working from home is hard: without the routine of leaving the house and going somewhere else it’s hard to get in the right frame of mind. I only really hit my productive peak about 5 this afternoon, in between yelling at the kids.
Destroyer had gone swimming today and so she was pretty exhausted. That meant that when it came to bedtime she squawked and yelled and complained, and then fell asleep miraculously quickly. La Serpiente just went straight to sleep because that’s her modus operandi. I went downstairs, did a bit more work, played a few games of Blood Bowl and waited for my wife to come home from her fortnightly trip to the spa.

So, another quiet Friday evening. Will the weekend be exciting fun or a corona virus kickdown? Who’s to say?

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  1. A self employed friend used to go for a walk round the block before settling down to work, Hope you find a quiet corner.

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