Friday, sleep deprived

I didn’t sleep well last night, or really at all, so this morning I was a train wreck. I had an appointment at the dermatologist today, to check whether a mark on my skin was anything to worry about or not ("just a classic skin tag") so I went down into town for that, got an Uber back through the deserted streets of Seattle, and then passed out on the sofa while the kids needed me to entertain them.
The rest of the day was equally a struggle. I had a couple of work calls that had been scheduled, even though I was taking the day off, and I had to try to sound professional while the girls came onto view on camera again and again.

I also made them up a new story about blackberries and groundhogs – not sure if it’s as good as the wood woodpecker yet though.

Come the evening, the girls were also suffering, because they’d woken up at 5 in the morning and so were massively exhausted. They went to sleep fast, not even having dessert, but there was a fair bit of screaming involved.

The weather has cooled over the past couple of days, which is a mercy. When it gets to start raining again, life is going to be a lot harder…

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