It rained again all day today, but honestly I’m too scared to go into the basement and see all the water I might need to vacuum out, so I stayed upstairs today and tried to cajole the girls into doing their schoolwork. Potentially Destroyer goes back to school in March, which might be good for everyone mentally, although I still worry about the health aspects.
I walked the girls up to the library today, luring them with the promise of hot chocolate, and got some more books to read. I’ve only read one book so far this year, A Little Hatred by Joe Abercrombie, and as it’s the seventh book in a cycle I’ve now borrowed either the sixth or the third. That might make more sense of everything.

Feeling ropey all day today I didn’t read it though, just lingered too long on the internet, then drank cider and stayed up too late playing Blood Bowl. Against the computer. I should put a stop to this nonsense but the charming graphics are just so seductive…

The climbing gym reopens next week. Hopefully physical exercise lifts my spirit and stops me staying up so late like an idiot…

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