Fun in the sun

The promised rain didn’t come today, instead another day of blue skies and sun, and a friend of ours came over with his son. Destroyer and La Serpiente played with him, while we finished assembling the play house. We did this by hammering lots of nails into it, then discovering the wood was too rotten, and then nailing some of the kindling I bought last year to hold it together. So that was fun.
We also fixed my leaky tap / hose (the hose was missing the little rubber grommet it needed to stop it leaking, but the thread on the hose adaptor was stripped, so it needed replacing). Now I can turn on the garden hose and not have water spray in every direction. Well, apart from the business end of the hose, but that’s acceptable.

My wife made lunch, which made me feel less guilty about having my friend help with these DIY projects, and the children played together well into the afternoon. So that was a nice day.

I played three games of Blood Bowl. I lost one, was considering conceding the second one at half time but eked out a draw, and then threw away the chance of a draw in my last match with a utterly stupid decision near the end. But none of my team players got permanently injured, whereas I killed two terrifying undead monsters on the opposition team. So there is that.

And so to bed. Or at least the sofa, where I’ve been relegated due to being stinky.

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