Funny weather

Often, when it isn’t raining, there is a glorious golden light in our house as the sun shines in. So it was today; blue skies, warm air… And then in the afternoon it rained slightly, before an hour of hail, despite the sun still shining brightly through our kitchen window.
In fact, we seemed to be in the strangest localised weather system I could imagine. Rain and hail pouring down at the back of the house, and the front fence totally dry, as though it were still a sunny day. Is that pathetic fallacy?

I had a lot of phone calls today. Enough that the auto suggest on my phone for "phone" is "phone calls today". However, I also played a game of Blood Bowl with the girls (they won 3-4, though they may have been sneakily moving the score markers) and took them on an unwanted bicycle ride, where La Serpiente complained for a mile about how hungry and tired she was, and then enjoyed herself.

Tonight, I think the cycling worked because she went to sleep easily. Whether she stays down or not is another matter: let’s see how this goes…

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