Furniture frolics

Frogmorton had his usual wild rumpus about 11:30 tonight, scampering around the living room at great speed. He then went and sat at the back door, as if we’d cast him into the darkness when it’s close to freezing. I suggested we went upstairs.

Froggy ran back into the living room, then clambered his way up my wife’s favourite chair with his claws. I pointed out to him that he has a perfectly good scratching post on his cat tower, rather than scratching the furniture, and I even demonstrated, running my nails over the scratching post.

That got Froggy interested, and he descended from the back of the chair to the arm, prepped himself for the short leap from chair to cat tower … and then lost his footing and fell off the chair, clawing it all the way down.

I managed not to laugh but Froggy had clearly embarrassed himself with the poor display of feline grace and agility, and at that point it seemed best that the two of us just go upstairs to bed.

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