Further exercises in sleep training

Another day, another evening where the kids struggled to sleep. Or rather, La Serpiente went to sleep in about five minutes, and Destroyer fussed and fussed until about 9:45. I had to go and catch up on work, and about 10:30 I started coming downstairs, as a small child passed me walking up from where she’d lain on the landing.

Cycling training continues, in the hope that soon I can take her on longer rides to wear her out. So far, the limit has been half the circumference of the park, while La Serpiente practices on her unicycle. We then had a mad dash to the cliffs and back, because I mistimed things and needed to return for a work call. But so far, so, sustainable. Tomorrow I have a call in the morning, then the kids, then a visit to the bank, and then I have lined up a long ride in the afternoon to tire out La Serpiente. But still no way to wear out Destroyer. What to do?

Today was another odd day. I woke up with Destroyer cuddled up to me (both girls had come in during the night, and after the harshness of getting them to bed, I couldn’t face telling them off, so they’d slept with me). Destroyer was happy and giggly and kind for most of the day, and then angry and raging when we tried to get her to eat her dinner. After dinner, I took them both on a walk 10 blocks north and 3 blocks west and back again, in the hope that would wear them out. They played with their basketball and soccer ball all the way, but it made no dent to Destroyer’s energy. At least I got a bit of a walk in.

On the down side, La Serpiente was leaping about in the garden with her usual enthusiasm, and knocked my wife’s phone from her hand, smashing the screen on the ground. Since we arrived in the US last year, that’s one phone broken on a glass table, one dropped in a swimming pool, and three cracked screens. My wife no longer protests when I tell her it’s time to get a more robust case, which is a good thing to extract from all of this.

And the lawn is almost entirely weeds. Must do something about that.

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