Further removals

The remnants of the porch were removed today, and the builders then fixed a large sheet of Tyvek, a waterproof matrrial, over the back of our house, so rain won’t get in. It’s quite odd; it constantly rustles in the wind, sounding like there is a terrible deluge, and as it’s translucent white the light in the kitchen is strange and something we’re unaccustomed to.
I had a frenetic day at work; with the four day weekend approaching there was a rush to get things done, and my computer was getting slower and slower and I was in more and more of a rage. I don’t think my wife has heard me swear at my computer so much as I did this morning.

Still, all done, and my unlucky run of Blood Bowl losses halted today with a flukey 3-0 win over somebody else. Current lose rate: 50.5%, and I’ve almost finished painting up my Black Orcs in their Wimbledoom colours. Have to do the base of each one, decide which is a surrogate for Vinnie Jones, and we’re done.

We booked camping trips for August, or rather my wife figured all that out. All of a sudden, the summer is planned. Hurrah!

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