Gardening and running

This morning we helped out with the park and garden across the street from our house. While my wife pulled up weeds, I took La Serpiente and Destroyer around the park to pick up litter, before chopping away at suckers on a tree, and then raking up all the dead leaves. The girls still love picking up leaves, so that was a success, and after two hours of everyone working hard, the park looked clean and tidy. Brambles were cut back, dandelions pulled up, we were being productive.
So after that, I went and lay down for a while, and then took the girls on a walk up the hill to get hot chocolate and buy some books (yet another in the Dragon Masters series that they both love at the moment). We got back just in time for me to go for a run with one of our neighbours. They have a one year old and I was rather amazed that he kept up with me while pushing his stroller, even on the big hills of Seattle.

Thus I got home, exhausted, just in time to watch speeches from Boden and Harris celebrating their victory, and then put the girls to bed while people in Seattle celebrated with fireworks. Perhaps now, the journey to normality may begin…

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