Every six months or so we gather to work on the community garden over the street from our house. Today that meant I got a shovel and dug up a lot of plants and pulled them out, and then spread compost on the beds. My girls ran around, sometimes hunting for worms, and sometimes helping to scrub graffiti from the wall of the garden.
It was nice to be able to do something tangible and physical, after a week of sitting at my keyboard. Then with us exhausted from three hours of labour, we headed out for a hike.

We went over to the Mainline Trail in Woodinville, a mile and a half walk through the woods with no enormous vistas to see, no giant waterfalls or mountains. But sometimes a walk is just a walk. The girls scampered around, and we followed them, and then we went home. A good day.

Finally, exhausted, we got home, read some more C S Lewis to the girls, put them to bed, and then watched two films (I Love You Man and Cooties), the latter of which was just quite dreadful. And then to bed.

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