Gaslands – first attempt

For a few weeks I’ve been keen on playing Gaslands, a game of post-apocalyptic vehicular combat. But played with toy cars (much like Games Workshop’s Dark Future, another beloved game from the end of the 1980s.

Last week I even got as far as buying some dice for it, and some plastic templates, but the rules only arrived in the mail today, and although the game is based on customised toy cars, all of La Serpiente and Destroyer’s toy cars are currently in a shipping container somewhere between Singapore and Seattle. But I wanted to try it out, so I found a couple of small soft toys and we played with those instead.

Dark Future was played on a track made of tiles printed on card. None of the tiles were ever quite flat and so it could be hard to play. Gaslands has no track (the vehicles battle in an arena) and all the manoeuvres are determined by the small plastic templates (which reminded me a bit of the vehicle turning templates from Warhammer 40,000 in about ’91. The rules to the game are a little confusing on a first read, but for a first attempt we managed to engineer a head on crash between an owl and a robin with both being totally destroyed.

And the rules also suggest what to do when a car crashes through a glass sheet being carried by two workmen – what’s not to like?

Anyway, we’ll try again when we have a bigger table. And some toy cars, and possibly some 3d-printed machine guns glued to them for the true post apocalypse look. You have to take these things seriously, after all.

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