Getting closer and closer

I went back to the house for another day’s work: either I’m getting accustomed to the cold, or the house is ever so slightly warmer. Or my new wheeze of lighting as many candles on my desk as possible is paying off.
For lunch, I went with my wife down to Mox and had a grilled cheese, then went home, banged away at my tax return for an hour or so, got confused by 401ks and IRAs, left my desk, got confused it was dark, programmed my smart lights to turn on when the sun goes down so that won’t happen again, and then went back to see the kids and put them to bed. So not too eventful.

My wife, meanwhile, is suffering from stress induced heartburn. Every time we move house this happens, so moving home is really going to be a boon. Only three weeks left to go…

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