Getting emotional

It rained again today, all day, so with the girls at home going slightly crazy, things were a bit of a struggle. I didn’t blow my top today, so that was an improvement, and I had my first banjo lesson, which was fun, though tougher than perhaps I’d expected. Still, getting closer to being able to bang out a tune.
After dinner tonight, because we were out of bread, I took the girls to the corner store. They rode unicycle and balance bike, and were once again amazing. I dropped them home then went for my run.

Today’s run was a bit of interval trwining: a ten minute warm up, then 4 600m sprints at my planned race pace, with 400m recoveries between each one, and then a leisurely jog home again. The rain, a light mist to begin with, slowly intensified as I ran up past the graveyard to the quiet backstreet I do most of my training on.

I’m aiming for a 22:30 5k,so that’s race pace of 4:30. Again, the cool air in Seattle meant I was doing 4:10s at my slowest, so I may have to reassess my target.

I’ve been running with headphones on. My latest Garmin, the Vivoactive 4 I bought to replace my 235 when it gave up the ghost, is a technological marvel, able to play music via Bluetooth so I no longer have to encumber myself with a phone when I go out.

One flaw is the inability to change songs while in the middle of a run. So it was that I finished my final 600m sprint with Rewrite The Stars, a song from The Greatest Showman. As I ran, I felt tears begin to form in my eyes, my face beginning to twitch and gurn as I fought through the grimace.

On the face of it, this is a song about hope and controlling your destiny. Perhaps this is why it was one of the songs La Serpiente and Destroyer learned for their end of year concert in Singapore. Was I reminiscing about that simpler time, before covid? Was I thinking about their innocence and calm lives back then? Or was it because the deeper meaning of the lyrics is that fate is immutable, your social standing is stationary, and there’s no way to fight it?

Or perhaps this was like when I break down in tears putting the kids shirts away when I’m home alone and they’re on holiday. Or you just shouldn’t combine emotional cues with physical exertion.

Got home, put the kids to bed, player Blood Bowl. It’s like everything 2as back to normal.

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  1. Get them to watch some mammoth and chicken instead of TV. I have randomly gone in at series 9, the first was a bit of a dud on boy bands but the fun fair was a good episide.
    Do you have to sing with the banjo?
    Glad the girls perked up and well done with the running

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