Getting in the Christmas spirit

I had presents to buy, and my wife had a physio appointment, so I made the girls walk with me up to Phinney Ridge, mail an envelope, drink some hot chocolate, and then walk down almost to the toyshop before reversing direction, walking back up to the bookshop, and then home again. This wore out the kids and also wore me out, but that wasn’t the end of it. There was still grocery shopping to do, that my wife dispatched me to deal with, before I could finally get home and put my feet up for a bit.
We watched the Muppets Christmas Carol as a family, over yesterday and this evening. La Serpiente was in absolute bits during the scenes with the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, but she recovered in time for the final song. We put the girls to bed, and after I’d woken up, drooling into La Serpiente’s pillow, I went downstairs and had a fairly stressful hour of VR, shooting demons and slicing them up with a chainsaw. I guess that wasn’t as festive.

Other festive things today: I discovered a cache of mince pies at the supermarket, and so after having no mince pies all year, I ate five tiny ones today. That’s probably not such a good thing to do.

Tomorrow, we make final preparations for Christmas. I’m hoping to also get out to the mountains for a hike, but we’ll have to see how happy the kids are with that. Here’s hoping…

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