Getting ready for an early night

I’ve realised I’m not getting enough sleep, so I resolved to get to bed tonight before ten o’clock, so I can spring out of bed tomorrow totally rested.

However, I also had to run across town to pick up La Serpiente’s teacher assignment. It’s a shame I couldn’t do this first thing in the morning because the school is right by the house. Instead, after all my day’s meetings, I got in the nausea-inducing chariot that is an Uber in mid-afternoon traffic, and headed home at 4:30.

Things were a little anticlimactic – I got there, they gave me a yellow card with her name on it and the name of her teacher, and I gave them forty dollars for school supplies. And then I went back to the office.

Still, after the mad panic of the past few weeks, trying desperately to find their medical records and worrying they might not even be enrolled, an anti climax was a nice relaxing thing to happen.

I got back to the office in time for drinks with the team, then went home again and tidied all the laundry off our bed. Now, at least before everyone gets home, I have a couple of habitable rooms. Slowly but surely the house is approaching habitability.

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  1. Oh yeah my foray into CBT is also going to tackle my reluctance to sleep at 9 when I plan to get up at 5. So did you manage the 10 o’clock?

    • Mixed results; I was asleep by 10:30, but woke up at 3:30 and 5:30, then again at 6:30 with an aching back – but that’s probably because I left the windows open and the house got too cold in the night. I don’t feel much fresher and full of energy today than when I had 6 hours sleep, but maybe there’s the cumulative effect to shake off

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