Getting ready

I did some more tidying up at home today: I shoved the Christmas tree and all the decorations back into the cupboard under the eaves at the front of the house, after rearranging things so the Halloween decorations would be in front of them, for when we need them in at the other end of the year. I also extracted our spare duvet, which, in combination with our inflatable mattress from our camping trip, means I should have a civilised sleep tonight, rather than on the sofa or just on the floor.
I go back to work tomorrow, and so I’ve packed up my laptop and my other essentials, which I’m also taking back to the house. It may be cold in there and there’s no working toilet, but it has a desk and a proper monitor, and I need those so I can work without giving myself an extra bend in my neck.

As usual, the kids were great until near bedtime, when fatigue set in. La Serpiente was in tears after she inadvertently broke a cheap wine glass in the Airbnb, and then had an exhaustion-fuelled tantrum when she later lost all iPad privileges for tomorrow. At least they both recovered enough to have their bedtime story, then go straight to sleep.

In less than three weeks, we’ll be back in our house for good (if I have anything to do with it). Hot water is going to be established and so is the stove and the fridge. Heating … not for a while, but the weather is turning warmer and I can’t face being away from home for much longer. This white knuckle ride is getting close to the end…

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