Getting warmer

Today my electrician chum came round and connected up our stove, so we can cook things again, and also wired up the hot water tank, so we can have hot water. When the tank is plumbed in. So we’re still a few steps away from taking a shower in our own home, but it’s not far off now.
I struggled to concentrate again today – I think a combination of fatigue and a lack of coffee were preying on me – but I managed to tick off a few tasks. I would like to tidy my desk properly this weekend so that it’s totally clear and there’s no distractions – this may be a forlorn hope, as I’m also ransacking the house, trying to find the Blood Bowl players I airbrushed last week and seem to have promptly lost, along with all my paintbrushes. Life is hard sometimes, or at least Blood Bowl is.

We started watching the ninth Fast and the Furious film tonight as it’s just become available for free on HBO Max. It is still as ludicrous as all the others, but now with extra fourth-wall breaking as the characters wonder how strange it is that they’ve survived battles with tanks, guns and submarines. What’s next for the franchise? A black and white art house movie directed by a Frenchman?

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