Gift horse, mouth, etc

As part of the Invisalign program, you take regular photographs of your teeth for the orthodontist to check, rather than in-person visits.

This involves an app on your phone, and a large piece of blue plastic that you insert in your mouth, to pull your lips back so that you can get a good shot of your teeth.

Or this is how it should work, but for some reason the app gets part way through photographing my teeth and then complains that it can’t detect a face, which is either bad programming, a veiled insult about my phizzog, or poor lighting. I don’t know. In the end, frustrated, I had to co-opt my wife to help take photos, while she laughed at me for having an enormous lump of blue plastic in my mouth.

And I was constantly drooling. I suppose that’s the same as ever.

This evening, I painted the trophies for my tournament. This is one of those thankless tasks that takes much longer than expected, and still isn’t complete. Getting closer, but I still need to do a load of paperwork for it, panic a bit, pack up the house so we can move out, all the usual nonsense. It will be nice to get home again, one of these days …

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