Giving back

Because we’re getting rid of our Kona on Friday, and as we now have a replacement car, I figured it was time to drop off the rental. We drove it up to the Enterprise on 85th, gave back the keys, and got an invoice, showing that Hyundai paid $6,700 in rental fees while they were deciding whether to buy back my car or try to find a replacement battery or something. So, er, I guess that probably ate into the profits on the car they sold me.
We walked home to a clean house: our cleaner for the first time since we moved back in, and now the kitchen is tidy, the bedrooms are lovely and the whole house (if you don’t open the door to the toy room) feels like something normal again. I know there’s still some way to go before it’s done, but living in a house rather than feeling it’s a warehouse full of building supplies that coincidentally also includes a bed… That’s nice.

I did some more work on my Blood Bowl tournament- logos, a website – and I really need to knuckle down and finish the trophies, do score sheets and all the other stuff that will wait until the last minute. Oh, and my tax return needs the finishing touches. Luckily I have Friday off so I hope to complete a lot of those things then. Well, I hope I do….

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