Going longer

I did an hour’s worth of exercise in VR tonight. By the end, I could hear the sweat dripping off me. I started with some fairly easy moves to 80s pop music, then attempted a 26 minute workout to heavy metal, including such monstrosities as Pantera, Megadeth and Rob Zombie, all the greats of my childhood, spurring me on to wave my arms like a goon.
After that, and some boxing, my headset actaully told me to pause, because it had been an hour of hard work, and to take a break. I was glad to have a shower and remove the headset so I could get some fresh air to my face.

I was wearing my Garmin, which estimated I’d burned over 800 calories tonight. That’s pretty efficient, given I didn’t leave the Airbnb. I’m not sure I could manage this for more than one night in a row though, and sustained effort is what drives meaningful change; we’ll see how the next couple of weeks take me.

After that, I was zonked, so we watched a little TV then went to sleep.

Today was also the day I forgot to fetch the girls from school. My wife was broken by the booster so I told her to stay in bed while I went to fetch the girls. And then I got distracted by a task and realised ten minutes after pick up time that I’d missed them. Cue a panicked dash to the school office to pick them up, and then consolatory doughnuts to make up for being late. I guess that have me extra calories to burn today.

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