Good day

The sun shone all day today, another blast of blue skies. I woke late to pancakes, and then tried to entertain the girls by running around the playground (are we playing Mouse On The Ground? Mouse In The House? Moose On The Loose? Who knows?) before a call back to home, and then driving down to do some outreach with the homeless south of the city.

About a month and a half ago the city swept one of the areas we served, shifting all the RVs that had been parked there, and it felt like there was a break in the community that had formed – it was hard to find people to help. In the last two weeks we’ve started to see people more regularly again, which provides some sort of bond, rather than just turning up and doling out food to people almost at random. So that’s a good thing. I think. I did talk with one guy today who said "you’re only hungry in Seattle if you want to be"; even among people who are homeless, there are people who feel it’s down to choice, rather than luck or systemic problems. But why should people be any different based only on their accomodation?

I came home, played some Blood Bowl, put the kids to bed, went climbing. Pleasingly, a lot of things I couldn’t do last week, I could do now, plus I met some new people who were impressed that I can dangle for a long time from things. Oh, my dear sweet children. I tried to explain that all it takes is doing a minute or two of dead hangs and an extra pull up every day… Then when my arms were too sore, I went home and drank cider.

Six am start on Monday morning. No smile on my face.

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