Good Friday, 2020

I took this afternoon off, and while my wife went for a walk I put both girls on the back of the cargo bike and had a leisurely 16 mile ride. Leisurely for the girls, that is; they just sat there while I ground my way up various hills, thankful at least for electrical assistance.
The sky was blue, the weather warm, and we went out by the sea, down to the locks, and back up, stopping once for hot chocolate and chips. I’m still not sure that this is a good thing – while we’re six feet from other people, we’re still near other people. I have a sense that we have to be more serious about social distancing than we’ve been so far, no matter how much of a bind it is. We shouldn’t devalue all the hard work of staying at home and avoiding people by, we’ll, not avoiding people.

I got home, did a breathing exercise that my watch told me to do, Almsot fell asleep at three pm, and then had to do a few work things that had cropped up.

Then, after a short run, it was movie night and the girls had chosen to see the first Lego Movie. They were very slow to eat dinner so they only got half, and then broke down in wails of great upset when they didn’t get popcorn. That did mean they fell asleep quickly though..

And so, on and into the night…

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