Gradual improvements

I went to my primary care physician today to get a referral to a specialist. I also got a prescription for stronger anti-inflammatory medicine and muscle relaxant; two huge jars of horse pills that will upset your stomach but fix your muscles, hopefully.
Lying on my back most of the day has helped, but not cured things. Certainly I’m feeling much better than I was, without being fully fixed. I don’t get to see the specialist until the 1st of June, so taking things carefully until then and trying to avoid any further damage.

The kids have been loopy these last few days; Destroyer is back to screeching in rage, La Serpiente is being contentious about practically everything. I hope it’s just a phase.

And if that was all too doleful, I got my latest electricity bill and it’s only $10. At last the solar is starting to pay for itself!

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