Gradual improvements

I walked La Serpiente to school today because after cycling and swimming yesterday I was feeling a bit tired. Then I took the bus to the office, so that meant very little exercise today. I did manage six pull ups, although that took 3 attempts; nothing like when I was in Singapore and banging out 30 pull ups in sets of 5… But on we go, ever upwards.
A friend of ours was flying back to Vancouver from Dublin, and stopping over in Seattle, so we had her stay with us tonight. Unfortunately, we let slip of this to the girls, who went crazy with excitement, and then had a huge meltdown when she was delayed until 830 and we put them to bed. Much squawking and screeching followed, and it was kind of pointless because they didn’t sleep until at least 930,so we could have saved ourselves the bother and let them stay up.

Still, what are we without discipline? Less stressed, perhaps.

In other good news my ear is almost back to normal. No longer do I need painkillers to start the day. My antibiotics are almost done, and my ear is making the kind of squidgy noises that suggest it’s unblocking itself.

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