Gradual progress

I went climbing again today, doing about 35 minutes on the wall, and now my hands are sore but I feel good. Before I went, and even as I was warming up, I felt like death, so it’s good to know that moving your body around can remedy some of the symptoms of sitting on your butt all day.
The drywall materials were delivered today, and apparently they may start work on Saturday. I asked my general contractor how long he expects this to take. Prevailing wisdom among people who aren’t currently renovating their houses is about three days, but he thinks it’s more like two weeks, what with having to "mud" the drywall after (which I I think is covering it with some kind of gunk, hopefully not literally mud). Anyway, that still has the basement done by the time the family is reunited so that’s a good thing.

I have another tournament booked. It’s a four game event in Vancouver, Washington, which is about 150 miles south of SeaTac, and the last match finishes about the time the girls’ flight is scheduled to land on the way back from Canada. So either I miss the last match (fine) or I keep a steely eye on departure times, and figure out if there’s a two hour delay so I can finish the last match and still get to the airport on time.

Oh, and I need to keep tidying the house in preparation for the arrival of our cat. Fingers crossed the animal shelter approve of our lifestyle…

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