Gradual progress

I had my tenth climbing lesson today, the last before I go away travelling, so I went through some harder climbs, some of which I managed and some of which I fell off. I managed to get up two 14s and two 13s,which I never would have done before, but I also failed to get to the top of a 9 that should have been much easier for me. One of the 14s had me quivering with adrenalin as I tried to yank myself up it. While on the easier problems I now move with a little bit of grace, on the harder problems I still rely too much on arm strength. Whether it’s the fear of hanging off the top of the wall or the strength required, I feel busted now. Or maybe it was too much coffee again this week.
At home, my wife cleared away a pile of cardboard boxes from the move so we now have some semblance of order, and so I have some hope that we’ll have unpacked everything in less than two years. There’s only four boxes left in our bedroom.

Onwards, ever onwards. Or at least to bed

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