I spent the day working, or trying to work, or occasionally finding I couldn’t think straight and taking a five minute nap that seemed to improve things. I couldn’t ever take a nap at the office so I suppose this is a way working from home helps. If, indeed, I’m working. Napping from home doesn’t sound as productive.
At lunchtime, I took Destroyer for another practice bicycle ride. She managed two circuits of the park, so I think she’s close to being able to ride confidently on her bike. On her balance bike, bereft of brakes, she’s fearless, so it’s strange this doesn’t translate directly to the proper bike, but it’s a start.

This evening, she refused to have her teeth brushed and growled and screeched, so we told her if that kept up she’d have no TV tomorrow. So she growled and howled some more, which meant what we told her, and then she was sobbing on the floor while looking at a pop up book of dinosaurs for twenty minutes, while I read to La Serpiente about fairies. I continue to wonder why and how she’s going to stop being angry about everything all of the time; La Serpiente wasn’t like this at her age, but then the younger child gets a different experience.

At least they both fell asleep fast. Even in her sleep, Destroyer is growling.

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