Handwriting lessons

The girls decided that I needed to improve my handwriting, possibly provoked by receiving a postcard from my parents’ trip to Sweden. Handwriting lessons consisted of Destroyer shouting at me at the top of her voice, telling me to write my letters more clearly. I’m not sure if they’ve learned this valuable pedagogical technique at school, or come upon it through their own research.
It rained all day today, so I took the girls out for ice creams at about 7pm. This was a bad idea as, filled with sugar, they didn’t settle down for bed in any reasonable fashion or time, delaying the opportunity to order birthday presents for them or to arrange their party. (This year’s festivities should be quite simple, we have a swim booked over in Lynnwood, then an impromptu party in the park nearby for an hour or two. Many juice boxes will be consumed.)

Still, by the end of the evening I’d ordered Lego and an enormous plush fish for Destroyer (La Serpiente’s watch is on its way to us) so something had been achieved. Onwards, ever onwards!

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  1. Glad you received the missive from the Göta Canal. Should have warned it was written in secret dad code

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