Hanging about

Every room at the Loge in Bend comes with a bright orange hammock, suspended from the beams running the length of the ceiling. The kids have been obsessed with it, but tonight, after I put them to bed by reading about snakes and Germans from Roald Dahl’s Going Solo, and after walking up the hill down the road from the Loge to get my car from where I’d left it charging, I decided to climb into the hammock to see what all the fuss was about.
However, my wife also slipped me a cannabis gummy to eat, and although that should be a relaxing combination, she waited half an hour and then started pushing the hammock, and in my doped up state, any movement at any speed felt terrifyingly fast. So I should be glad the kids are asleep beneath me, and not also engaged in tormenting their father by swinging him in an ostensibly relaxing device.

Today started cold (about 3° above zero) but the air was clear. We got out and had a good hike around Smith Rock, fed some endearingly cute alpaca on a nearby farm, and discovered some new booze at one of the breweries in Bend. And we bought lots more books, so this was in all ways a good day. Tomorrow we’re planning on a very early start, to ensure we make it to Crater Lake in time for a good hike. Fingers crossed the wind blows the right way and it stays clear down there, or else I’m staying in the hammock.

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