I took the girls out for their bike ride today, but I’d not eaten all morning apart from a slice of toast, and so I was very hangry. This wouldn’t have been so bad, but I also had to pump up the tyres on the bikes, and La Serpiente, as she loves to do, kept talking at me, quite incessantly, while I fought with an intransigent pump and uncooperative valves. At least I didn’t end up swearing in front of them.
Still, I raged all the way to the cafe, and to the cliffs overlooking the sea, and even after I’d eaten a pastry and a cookie, I hadn’t recovered to a good mental state. It’s worse when you are hangry and you know you are, and thus your irrational rage is both visible to you, and inescapable.

On the positive side, Destroyer rode her bike all the way to the cliffs and back, up a series of steep hills, and didn’t once make me push her up any. There was a lot of cajoling, and occasional ignoring of her requests, but she did all three miles under her own steam.

Plus the steam coming out of my ears, I guess.

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