Happy anniversary

Tonight, to celebrate our anniversary, we went out to Flint Creek, a restaurant up on 85th street. With social distancing in effect the restaurant was mostly empty. We dined on meat (bison for me, filet mignon for my wife) and when we were completely full, we wobbled to the Angry Beaver, a Canadian hockey bar that for some reason exists across the street.
I guess that’s kind of appropriate that after nine years, we might not be back in Canada but we can be the next closest thing – a few hundred miles south of the border, Canadian sports, and booze.

We’d got the kids a babysitter and pizza. As is usual with pizza, I ordered it, then took a child round to the restaurant on the back of my bike so she could hold onto the pizzas. For a laugh, I put the bike up to maximum boost and rode at 20mph to the restaurant. La Serpiente told me to slow down, surprising me as she’d always demanded extra speed in the past. Is my daughter no longer a motorhead?

We got home and the girls were fast asleep, so we watched Starship Troopers. What better way to celebrate being married?

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