Hard morning

I couldn’t sleep last night, and I don’t know why – maybe it was the adjustment of coming home, maybe it was work in the morning, maybe it was just some punishment by the universe. Even taking melatonin, I was still wide awake at 2am, so I woke today with a headache and a bad attitude. I’d slept on the sofa, so it’s not as if I got out of bed on the wrong side.
Slowly, the day improved, although not without a share of drudgery. La Serpiente came home wailing, and I thought she was seriously injured but it was all mental: we’d given her a little toy rabbit for Easter, she’d taken it to school and either lost it or somebody took it off her desk. I had mixed feelings: we’ve bought replacement toys for them before when they’ve lost them, but then I want them to understand they shouldn’t take toys to school. But again, she was excited to show it to her friends… It’s tricky.

They also had their dental examinations today, which they passed without any cavities, although La Serpiente had to be told that you can’t try to pull out your adult teeth just so you’ll get money from the tooth fairy. I sigh, sometimes, I sigh.

And in the evening, our electrician came round to wire in the stove, and then we discovered he’d done it a week ago, we just hadn’t realised the breaker was switched off, so that was a good upgrade. Oh, and we have a dishwasher again, for the first time since … May? Such modern conveniences!

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  1. What did you decide to do about the toy rabbit – replace or continue the wailing ! Hard decisions for a parent !

    • I’m going to see if it makes a mysterious reappearance at school first, then decide about replacement

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