Hard session

I went to the climbing gym after I’d put the girls to bed tonight. They’d had the last hour of The Lion,The Witch And The Wardrobe, and then demanded two chapters of Prince Caspian, so they really are on a C S Lewis kick. Maybe I’ll give them the Screwtape Letters next.
At the gym I got to hang out with my new friend Cathy and her friends Caitlin and Niles, so it looks like I have a good group of people to go bouldering with on Monday nights all of a sudden. I had a very low success rate tonight but I was trying some extra hard problems – lots of things where you need to be dynamic, and use heel hooks and toe hooks and generally be both strong and flexible. I wonder if the next time I go to Seattle Bouldering Project suddenly things will seem easier, or just different.

After about 75 minutes of this, I hauled myself home. My arms are super sore and I’m almost as tired as my wife (she fell asleep on the sofa) but it’s a good tiredness. Or at least better than being tired from staying up til 2am playing Cyberpunk.

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  1. Pleased to hear you’re now part of a group. It’s nice to have people around to encourage you.

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