Hard work on Labor Day

Today was a blur; we both woke up at five am, because there’s too much mess in the house for us to reach the curtains to shut them, and while I made it back to sleep, my wife stayed up (forcing her to crash hard in the afternoon).

Somehow we made it up to Northgate and bought a new shower curtain, and then drove back to get the kids lunch. When a whole morning vanishes between those two tasks, you have be thankful that the day was a holiday.

In the afternoon I vacuumed the car. Yes, life gets no better than this. I took the girls car seats out so I could do a deep clean, and regretted this, what with all the food, silly putty and random junk that was under them, but now at least the car is empty and clean. For a day or two.

The girls were good, and agog when I read to them from the Golden Compass. I was going drinking (on our porch) with my old manager, so I only gave them 15 minutes… They’ll need a bigger dose tomorrow to catch up, I guess

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