Possibly because of the extra steamed buns, but more likely because I unwisely drank three cups of tea at Din Tai Fung, I couldn’t sleep until 2 this morning, I woke up feeling dreadful, and about midday a migraine started.
I don’t get these often, but this was a doozy: bright spots of light before my eyes, a crippling headache, and nausea so bad I was cramped over the toilet, waiting to vomit. The afternoon was a write-off: I managed to read a bit of the girls’ bedtime story, then crawled away to sleep in La Serpiente’s bed (ours is covered with laundry waiting for me to fold it).

By about 8pm I was feeling good enough for some bland food (so lucky that we have sham chicken nuggets in the freezer and ice cream sandwiches, anything more exciting would have been too much) and then I skunked on the sofa, trying to recover my sanity. At least there wasn’t much hammering this afternoon, that would have been the end of me.

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