Headaches and home improvement

All day today, until about eight o clock, I had a terrible headache. Not a pulsing migraine, just a general hurt that made me angry and slow. I drank coffee, I rode my bike, I took ibuprofen and nothing made a difference, but it’s gone now, which is good.
I got a man to come round today to fix a few things on the house. As I don’t need to climb ladders and break my neck, I can pay somebody else to do so, or at least to climb a ladder and fix the gutter on our front porch. Additionally, I can now open our basement door without risking a major plumbing disaster when the door hits the overhead pipework. So that was nice. I just wish I’d got him to build me a shed too, but that’s probably next week’s project.

The girls were mostly good today. I took them on their usual ride, we ate snacks, and at bedtime tonight La Serpiente and Destroyer both fell asleep quite fast. That gave me time to go downstairs and play a bit of Blood Bowl, work on my MBA final project, and then watch another tear jerking episode of Bob’s Burgers where Bob (me) bonds with Louise (Destroyer) over laxatives (errr…)

And so to bed.

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