Highs and lows

We (including my wife, my sister, and both my parents) took the children to see a Peppa Pig show at the Haymarket today. This was about 60 minutes of music, cheerful singing and water occasionally being squirted over the audience. After that the parties split: my wife and I took the children to the V&A, while my parents and sister went home.
Or rather, we headed in the direction of the V&A, planning to find a place to drink gin, but instead paused at Waterstones on Piccadilly and spent a couple of hours first in the children’s book department, and then in the cafeteria in the basement.

When the children had finally had enough toast and I’d eaten cake and sandwiches, we took the bus down to the V&A, where the children were entranced by Michelangelo’s David (or at least the plaster casted facsimile of it) and gratifyingly refrained from running or leaping around expensive objets d’art.

It’s not much of a victory to say "we went to a museum and didn’t destroy any priceless exhibits" but perhaps I have low expectations.

The V&A was pretty crowded, with the usual mob of fine art and fashion students, and we were going out this evening so we left quite early and took the train to Victoria, then handed over the girls to my mother at Beckenham Junction and took a tram and a bus and a train and a very long walk to a birthday party in Wallington.

After that odyssey, we got a bit drunk (somebody served me tequila, claiming it was gin, and that’s not the best way to spend an evening) before reversing direction and walking back to Wallington station and then catching a bus back across South London to get home again.

I guess today I’ve truly experienced all the highs and lows. I’ve seen Peppa Pig and I’ve been to one of London’s finest museums. I’ve drunk gin and I’ve drunk tequila. I’ve even eaten a felafel.

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