Home alone

My wife went away for a long weekend in Phoenix to celebrate a friend’s 40th, so I drove her, the friend, and another lady to the airport this morning, along with two enormous suitcases (seriously, what is everyone up to for 4 days?). Driving to SeaTac on a Thursday morning turns out to be incredibly easy, and I had them dropped off and myself in the office in only an hour.
I had to go home to pick up the girls from school, and I parked nearby, forgetting the car seats were at home where I’d removed them to make space for ladies. So we ended up walking home, and later on I took Destroyer and a car seat up to where the car was, in order to retrieve it.

Apart from constant demands for candy, the girls are being pretty well behaved while alone with one parent. We watched an episode of the Great British Bake Off (Kids edition) and then they went to bed without complaint, leaving me to work through a litany of different tasks. I’m super, super tired now and hoping for a restful day tomorrow to recover. I now realize I should have taken all of Friday off, not just the afternoon…

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