Home Alone Again

Once again, I commemorate being bereft of my family by doing the laundry. Tonight I’m too dehydrated for tears, so I just hung out all the tiny shirts and skirts and socks, and then regretted forgetting to put any beer into the fridge so it would actually be cold.

There was another huge thunderstorm early this morning to ruin everyone’s sleep, and then I took La Serpiente to her final climbing class. She did pretty well, and I sat around doing nothing, my knee still a bust, and then we went home, where I spent my time supervising the children around various playgrounds.

They had their swimming lesson at 5pm, so at 4pm I told them it was time to get ready, which involved a 30 minute screaming match between me and Destroyer, before the two girls finally put on their shoes and got in the car, immediately falling asleep on either side of me.

Again, they did really well at their lessons, and were both very happy. That may be due to successful breaststroke, or the copious amounts of ice cream they got afterward. Either way, I got them home, where my wife had sushi and onigiri for them, and then we all went to the airport, where I discovered too late I should have had dinner before leaving, because Terminal 1 is the worst for food. The. Worst.

The girls, filled with sugar, sprinted around for an hour and a half, and then I left them to go through Immigration and took a taxi back to town. A pair of sneakers later, I was home, ready to put my foot up and rest my leg. And with that, my beer should be cold enough. 4 weeks to go.

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