Home alone(ish)

My wife left the house at 530 this morning to fly to Nova Scotia for a funeral, and I woke up at 4 to find a child in our bed. I had stressed for most of the night about getting the kids to school on my own, but I hadn’t realised the most gruelling part would be all the walking.
I had to chase both kids out of the house by 715 for La Serpiente’s early start, then Destroyer and I walked to get the D Line bus. We went up 10 blocks, changed, and then the next bus was 10 minutes away so I got Destroyer to walk to the next bus stop so she wouldn’t get cold. The next bus stop was unsatisfactory (nowhere to sit) so then we debated walking back to the first stop until the bus came, and then we rode it to the end of the line

We paused, got a coffee and a tiny doughnut and then took a third bus down to Destroyer’s school, arriving an hour early, so we had to kill time in more cafes and grocers until it was time to drop her off, and then I walked most of the way home, stopping to get a ride on the D Line again when I was a few blocks away, but too cold.

I got home, realised I’d not had sleep or breakfast, and fell asleep for an hour on the sofa

Then I had to head back to pick up Destroyer, and try to entertain her for all the afternoon I took an Uber back, because by now my knee was giving me trouble, an old wound from when I fell off my scooter in Singapore. Except I damaged my right knee, and its my left knee that’s going wrong. Oh well. Don’t get old, kids.

I attempted to do some work but my brain was addled and my body doubly so from walking twice my normal daily distance. I did manage to thaw out some pasta sauce without the aid of a microwave (ours has, at random, decided to stop working), fed the kids, put them to bed, ignored Netflix for an hour or two to relax, and now here I am in bed..And I haven’t organised grocery shopping for the rest of the week yet. Me and the kids may spend a lot of time in bars…

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