Home cooking

My wife spent the evening at a cookery class, except because of the pandemic she did it over a Zoom call, instead of going to a kitchen down the street. That meant the girls complained that there was too much noise for them to be able to concentrate on watching TV, so to stop their complaining I took them for a walk around the neighborhood to count pumpkins.
They loudly protested, but soon forgot to be angry and ran around, yelling increasingly large numbers as we walked down to the next block and back. Then I had to cajole them to get dressed for bed, and my wife was still cooking at 7:30, long after it was time for everyone to hunker down for bed.

We had guests coming to eat my wife’s cooking, so after welcoming them in, I made up a new story for the girls about Janet Dogwoman, a very large gnat and an irascible turtle, which sort of satisfied them, and then they fell asleep while I ate curry and apple pie. Consecutively, not concurrently. I’m not an animal.

It was chilly today, but it drops to freezing this weekend. Was the summer so long ago?

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