Home on time

We had friends from Vancouver visit tonight, so we went to our usual bar round the corner and fed the kids pub food, and that meant we didn’t get home until 9, which in turn meant loud gibbering and growling from the girls, but also meant a swift bedtime for them as they fell straight to sleep. We made the most of our evening by playing Blood Bowl (me) or falling asleep on the sofa (my wife).
Earlier today we had La Serpiente’s school assembly performance, where all the kindergarteners and first graders got up on stage and sang.

Two things to note: the insane production values we saw in Singapore were not matched by the US, which may mean there isn’t an army of teachers who are working continuously on the end of term concert
La Serpiente looked shy and nervous again, totally uncharacteristic of her, but when the music started she was, as usual, intent on making sure the other children were standing in the right places, singing correctly and so on. Bless her organisational obsessions

I was glad I made it back, but had no chance to congratulate her after the performance as I had to rush back to work. Better, though, than missing it while being on a jet plane.

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