Hopeful on Monday

I went for a run after dropping the girls off at school today; this was marginally less unpleasant. Again, I managed about thirteen minutes before I stopped, but whereas last time I felt dreadful from start to finish, I only really suffered on the uphills today. So that’s a start. If I can get myself back to running for half an hour, I’ll be pleased.
One of my motivations for this was that I weighed myself today and I was 87 kg, which is the heaviest I have ever been. Not sure that a 2 km run will solve for that, of course…

I’ve also not drunk any coffee since Wednesday. One advantage of being in bed asleep all day is you miss out on some of the caffeine withdrawal symptoms, and since coffee doesn’t so much wake me up as drag me from a pit of lassitude into just near-baseline these days, I figure it will be better to get away from it for a little while. See where we are in a month.

So we’re both vaccinated, looking at life being sort of normal at some point in the future. The sun is shining, the birds singing… Could 2021 be a good year?

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