Hors de combat and boardgames

Destroyer jumped up and down on the bean bag in the toy room today, as she so enjoys doing, but bounced off and smacked the back of her head hard enough to get a big bump, reducing her to wails of pain and refusing to jump on things again for the rest of the day. So that wasn’t a great Monday for her.

Likewise, my wife finally got her prescription for her back pain, but it didn’t seem to have any appreciable effect so she’s still limited in what she can do. All that’s left is for me and La Serpiente to hurt ourselves and the whole family will be out of commission.

It rained today, but then it’s December in Seattle so that should come as no surprise. I struggled with a linear regression, didn’t feel I achieved much more than that today, and passing news on to other people about things. But it’s coming up to the end of the year, and with each passing day the sense of lassitude grows a little stronger.

I should have read a book this evening, or improved myself in some other way, but instead when the kids were asleep I watched TV and had two games of Blood Bowl where I lost one game, my dice so bad that I was ready to fling my computer away, and then just had a game where I couldn’t do anything right.

But let’s look at the positives: I spent lunchtime teaching backgammon to La Serpiente, and although our game took until 7 this evening to complete, and I didn’t go full on trying to win, she did beat me, finishing the game with a double 6. So she’s happy and hopefully this will build enthusiasm for backgammon, and then I can sneak Blood Bowl up on her before she realises. Well, maybe.

I did six pull ups today. It did require me to do those in three separate attempts, so that’s not so impressive, but I’ve moved some of the stuff that was dangling from the chin up rack away (you can’t hide all the kids’ presents by raising them out of reach) and so tomorrow I might start on knee raises again. I’m certainly not getting enough exercise right now, but we can keep on trying to fix that …

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