Hot and bothered

I was grumpy all day, a combination of being tired and hot and not sleeping well, I guess. The heatwave has been quite the thing to deal with.
In the park today my wife found a flyer for a knife sharpener, who’d do your knives in return for a donation to the ACLU. So we now have ten very sharp knives again, I think the first time when all our knives have been sharp. I’m looking forward to slicing bread tomorrow.

I went climbing tonight, and there were various problems I couldn’t do, that I could do last week. This is what happens when you get no exercise all week, neglect your pull ups, and drive hundreds of miles. Oh, and when you can’t find the keys for your car’s wheels that you were convinced you knew where they were. Oh dear…

I also finished another book today, They Promised Me The Gun Wasn’t Loaded, a comic story about superheroes in Waterloo, Ontario. It was fun, a mix of vampires, mad geniuses and some Charles Stross style scientificking. Made me want to start on my novel again.

But for now, bed.

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