Hot chocolate on a sunny day

Today was cold but sunny, and as the girls have Wednesday afternoons off, I was meant to take them out for a bike ride. But, with my knees sore (probably from sitting around all day not exercising) I could only manage a walk, so we toddled up the hill to the library, to return some of the books we’ve had on loan since February, and get some new ones.

Right now the library doesn’t allow for browsing, which is what the girls had hoped to do, but instead they each got a brown paper bag of books, selected for them. That turned out to be stories about fairy horses and dragons, so they were both very happy.

As a treat, I took them to a cafe to get hot chocolate, but this was not something they were impressed by, claiming it was too hot today for hot chocolate. It was about 14°. My children are loons.

I worked most of the afternoon, did a few pull ups and knee raises on my exercise tower, and then when the girls were asleep this evening put in some more time on the Oculus. And so, belatedly, to bed…

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